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The Duergar Nightcrawler

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Saturday 27th February 2021

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Tuesday 31st March 2020
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Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 18:00
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The Duergar Nightcrawler

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Not far from Rothbury lies one of the most beautiful and fabled areas of Northumberland, the Simonside Hills. Popular amongst walkers, runners and photographers for their stunning vistas, the hills of Simonside hold another piece of largely unknown notoriety; Duergar!

The dwarfs of Simonside, or Duergar, are rumoured to take great satisfaction in leading travellers astray after nightfall. Lighting their torches, they stay ahead of confused visitors, leading them deeper into the often pitch black Northumberland wilderness until they fall into a bog or plunge from a precipice to their demise.

We invite you to take on this unique challenge of running the Simonside hills at night. Night run events are about having fun, being social and exploring the outdoors. Whether you’re a first-time runner or an experienced trail runner this event will have something for you.

It may sound obvious, but you’re going to need a torch. Most regular runners will invest in a head torch which will enable you to see what’s coming up along the trail and more importantly keep an eye out for any intruding Duergar!!!

See you on the start line!

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