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INVOC Littlemill Level C

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Sunday 1st March 2020

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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Tuesday 11th February 2020
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Wednesday 26th February 2020
White; Yellow; Orange; Light Green; Short Green; Green; Blue; Brown
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Seniors: members £6 non-members £7
Juniors: members £4 non-members £5

Event Organiser - Kevin Holliday

We return to the popular Littlemill forest, which might be small but hides dramatic features that tell of a landscape very different from today's peaceful glen. The ridges and lochans are leftovers from the end of the ice age as the last remnants of glaciers melted.

Littlemill has a fine mixture of terrain and vegetation including runnable woodland with minimal windblow, less mature woodland with lower visibility, some open land, short but steep gradients and intricate rides and paths.

Although some parts of the forest are fairly dry, water levels in the lochans and marshes are high at the time of writing. Some marshes are mapped as uncrossable – and it means it!

Courses from Orange to Brown will require fence crossings. The fences are approximately 1m high and have barbed wire in places. The maps have been marked with two recommended (non-compulsory) crossing points where the fences are lower, and crossing will be easier. There is also an open gate where a forest road crosses the fence.

The White course has two short sections of taped route and the Yellow course has one taped section. (Yellow competitors: please note that you don’t follow the second taped route.) The Yellow course has a stream crossing where you will get muddy feet, although the water is very shallow.

Map:  Pre-marked and printed on waterproof paper, scale 1:10.000 with 5m contour intervals. Brown course is printed on both sides of the map.

Event centre:  Registration /Download are in Farr Village Hall, IV2 6AX on the B 851

Directions: Head south from Inverness on the A9 for about 6 miles and turn right onto the B851, signposted for Fort Augustus. Farr village hall is about 2 miles along the road, on the right hand side. Shelter, toilets, changing facilities and refreshments will be available.

Parking Car parking will be available at the village hall car park.

Start is approx 700m from Farr Village Hall.
The route to the start will be taped.
The road crossing will be marshalled from 10 minutes before starts open until they close (10.20 - 13.00)

Finish is 500m from the hall. The return route will be taped. The road crossing will be marshalled from 20 minutes after the start time (10:50 hours) until the closure of courses (14:00).

By closure of courses at 14.00, if  you are aware of anyone likely to need supervision crossing the road who is still unaccounted for, please inform the organiser (Kevin Holliday).

Course lengths / climb (subject to final controlling):

  • White (1.4km, 20m)
  • Yellow (2.3km, 30m)
  • Orange (2.9km, 40m)
  • Light Green (3.4km, 55m)
  • Short Green (3.5km, 95m)
  • Green (4.3km, 110m)
  • Blue (6.0km, 135m)
  • Brown (8.6km, 245m)

Registration: 10.30 – 12.15

Starts: Punching 11:00 – 12:30
(Start times will not be pre-allocated, turn up when you are ready and the start official will let you start when there is space on your course. There may be short delays at popular times.)

Courses close: 14.00

If you think there is a chance you might take a long time on your course please start early to allow you to be back before courses close.

Apres O Food: There will be pizza, soup & bread for £3 from 1.30pm. This should pre-ordered by emailing Veronica This is open to members of all clubs. So please join in the social.

INVOC AGM starts 14.15

Toilets: The nearest toilets are at Farr Hall

SAFETY Courses are not suitable for buggies. Due to the time of year there may be snow, please dress equipped for cold weather. In the event of cancellation due to adverse weather notices will be posted on INVOC website and facebook page.

You must return to the hall to download even if you haven’t finished your course.

Planner: Dave Summers
Controller: Colin Matheson
Organiser: Kevin Holliday

To Farr Community for letting us use their hall. Forestry and Land Scotland for permission to use the area


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