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STAG Score 4+ Greenhead Moss

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Sunday 9th February 2020

Entries Open
Saturday 7th December 2019
Entries Close
Monday 3rd February 2020
60 Minute Score; Score Twist; Light Green; Orange; Yellow
Entries so Far
30 Participants
Entry Fees

Senior BO/SOA member: £8 (£8.50 from 20th January / £9 from 27th January)
Senior Non BO/SOA member: £9 (£10 from 20th January / £11 from 27th January)
Junior: £4

Event Organiser - Terry O'Brien
0141 770 8671

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STAG’s popular SCORE+ Events return in 2020 with a bigger twist (the+) for those who just don’t like the challenge that thinking too much can bring or can’t sustain concentration for 60 minutes & for those ‘Superstars’ who need a more demanding challenge.
The twist is 2 fold :

  1. Yellow, Orange, Light Green options shall be available using the same score map but with separate loose Control Descriptions for the Colour Coded Courses. Start Times between 11:35 & 11:59am.
  2. At each Race, a different twist or condition shall apply. It would be helpful if you pre-register for the Score Twist but this can be changed on the day of each race. Possibilities include 1. Odds & Evens. 2. ‘106’ 3. Numerical countdown.

There shall be a Mass Start @ 11:30am SCORE competitors. On request, arrangements shall be made for those requiring split start times.

The Map & Control Descriptions shall be distributed at the Registration Point (10:45am > 11:15am) to everyone so that those who wish can create their Colour Coded option or  join up their controls & /or plan their strategy for Score or Score+.

At each event, 25 controls shall be used. 5 “30s” each worth 300pts; 5 “40s” each worth 400pts; 5 “50s” each worth 500pts; 5 “60s” each worth 600pts & 5 “70s” each worth 700pts.
The number in ”  ” refers to the actual Code Number being used which shall only be shown on the SI Box.


In total 12,500 points are available at each race. For all orienteers who equal or exceed 35,000 points from the first 4 races a FREE ENTRY shall be available for Score 5 being held on Sunday 17th May 2020 @ Grandtully, Highland Perthshire.

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