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STAG Score 1+ Greenhead Moss

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Sunday 9th January 2022

Entries Open
Saturday 7th December 2019
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Monday 2nd November 2020
60 Minute Score; Score Twist; Light Green; Orange; Yellow
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47 Participants
Entry Fees

Senior BO/SOA member: £8 (£8.50 from 20th January / £9 from 27th January)
Senior Non BO/SOA member: £9 (£10 from 20th January / £11 from 27th January)
Junior: £4

Event Organiser - Terry O'Brien
0141 770 8671

Updated Sunday 1st November 2020 - rescheduling for late February / March 2021 depending on restrictions related to Covid-19 (originally Score 4+).

When Score 1+ goes ahead Start Time Zones shall be indicated

It is a 1km walk from Parking/Registration/Download in Newmains to the Start/Finish in Cambusnethan's Memorial Park.

STAG’s popular SCORE+ Events return in 2020 with a bigger twist (the+) for those who just don’t like the challenge that thinking too much can bring or can’t sustain concentration for 60 minutes & for those ‘Superstars’ who need a more demanding challenge.

The twist is 2 fold :

  1. Yellow, Orange, Light Green options shall be available using the same score map but with separate loose Control Descriptions for the Colour Coded Courses. 
  2. At each Race, a different twist or condition shall apply. It would be helpful if you pre-register for the Score Twist but this can be changed on the day of each race. Possibilities include 1. Odds & Evens. 2. ‘106’ 3. Numerical countdown.

The Map & Control Descriptions shall be distributed at the Registration Point (10:45am > 11:15am) to everyone so that those who wish can create their Colour Coded option or  join up their controls & /or plan their strategy for Score or Score+.

At each event, 25 controls shall be used. 5 “30s” each worth 300pts; 5 “40s” each worth 400pts; 5 “50s” each worth 500pts; 5 “60s” each worth 600pts & 5 “70s” each worth 700pts.
The number in ”  ” refers to the actual Code Number being used which shall only be shown on the SI Box.


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