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Hardmoors Tripleslam, Grandslam or Superslam

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Friday 21st August to Tuesday 1st December 2020

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Entries Open
Saturday 16th November 2019 at 19:00
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Monday 2nd December 2019
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85 Participants
Event Organiser - Jonathan Steele

The Hardmoors Superslam consists of 5 challenging ultra races based in various beautiful locations in the North York Moors and on the Cleveland Heritage Coastline.  The Grandslam does not include the Hardwolds 80 and the Tripleslam is similar to the Superslam except you must complete 3 Hardmoors Ultra Races, one must be the 110 or 160.  To qualify you need to sign up now.

  • The TRIPLESLAM  is 3 ULTRAS one must be the 110 or 160, the other 2 can be any of the following 30, 55, 60, 80
  • The GRANDSLAM is the HM30, HM55, HM60, HM110 or HM160
  • The SUPERSLAM is the HM30, HM55, HM60, HW80, HM110 or HM160 

Entry Fees:

HM30    £45
HM55    £80
HM110  £140 or HM160   £180
HM60    £85
HW80    £105 

+£2 per race if unaffilated

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