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Wimpole 24

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Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th September 2020

Entries Open
Monday 21st October 2019
Entries Close
Thursday 25th June 2020
Entry Fees


  from open date from 01/01 from 01/04 from 01/07
Solo 60 65 70 75
Pairs 120 130 140 150
Quads 220 240 260 280
Teams of 6 330 360 390 420
Race Organiser - Debs White
07966 058088

Wimpole 24 is an ultra event held at Wimpole National Trust Estate on the edge of Cambridge. It’s made up of two different events, which both complete the same 4.17 mile looped course around the heart of the parkland, on a mix of trail and grassland. Each lap has an ascent of approx. 300 ft.

The Challenge
Our Challenge event is open to single sex or mixed teams of 2, 4 or 6. It will start at 12 noon on Sat 5th September and teams aim to complete as many laps as possible around the beautiful Wimpole Estate in 24 hours.  Each lap will be 4.17 miles long to enable one per hour to equal 100 miles. Each team member must run at least one lap, but laps can be completed in any order as quickly or slowly as desired. Any laps that are not completed by 12pm on Sunday, will not count towards the team's total.

The Countdown
Our Countdown event is a unique race for solo entries only. They will complete the same 4.17 mile loop but will need to complete a lap every hour with the maximum time decreasing by 1 minute per lap with some enforced rest increasing each lap. Lap 1 starts at 12:01 and must be completedby the hour in 59 minutes. This is followed by at least 2 minutes of enforced rest and Lap 2 starts at 13:02 and must be completed by the hour in 58 minutes and so on. The 24th lap (100 miles) will start at 11:24am on Sunday. This lap is unique in that if we have more than one runner still going, it will be the fastest runner home, who will take all the glory and gain the title of the winner of the Countdown.

Two nights camping for competitors are included in the entry fee with all finishers getting medals, t-shirts and photography. Additional camping for family members is available but limited in number and at a small cost. Runners will be expected to provide their own nutrition during the race.

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