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TweedLove Vallelujah

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Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th August 2020

Entries Open
Tuesday 7th April 2020
Entries Close
Tuesday 30th June 2020
Entry Fees

Full Course - £65.00 (Early Bird £58.50)
Short Course - £55.00 (Early Bird £48.50)
Short Course (Youth) - £52.00 (Early Bird £46.80)

01721 588050

Glentress Forest, Peebles, EH45 8NB

Vallelujah is the first event in the Triple Crown Series and this year it’s also Round One of the British National Enduro Series - so you can get those first Triple Crown points and kick start your bid for the National series title. With two-days of riding (practice Saturday, race day Sunday), Vallelujah is your chance to ride away the winter blues and kick off your 2020 season on some of the best enduro trails in the UK. The course, as usual, will be kept under wraps until the event but you can expect an all-weather mix of top Tweed Valley stages.

£1 from every single entry will be donated to year round cycling projects that improve the trail network and rider infrastructure here in the Tweed Valley such as the Tweed Valley Trails Association and the upkeep of the Tweed Valley Railway Path. 

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Full Course


  • Junior, Under 18
  • Under 21
  • Senior, 21 – 29
  • Master, 30 – 39,
  • Vet, 40 – 49
  • Grand Vet, 50+


  • Junior, Under 18
  • Under 21
  • Senior, 21 – 34
  • Master, 35 – 45
  • Vet 45+


  • Hardtail 

Short Course


  • Youth (E3Y) 14 – 15
  • Over 16


  • Youth (E3Y) 14 – 15
  • Over 16



Depending on how you want to enjoy your race day, you can choose to be seeded or not…

All riders completing the full course (please note the full course is open to 16+) can choose if they want to be seeded for each of the races or, alternatively, they can choose a start time at event registration so they can ride with their mates all the way round the course.

Seeded (Full Course) 

If you opt to be seeded you will be given start times for every stage of the race. You must complete all the race stages, and stick to the stage start schedule you’re given at registration. If seeded riders miss their start time they will be slotted in at the start marshals discretion. There are no time penalties for missing your stage start times BUT there is an overall course completion time and penalties apply if you don’t make this.

Choose this if you’re fast and if you want to minimise chance of encountering traffic while on the race course, with no uncertain queuing at stage starts, but be aware you might not be able to spend race day riding with your mates.

Non-Seeded (Full Course) 

Choose to be non-seeded if you can to ride with your mates. You’ll need to register together at event HQ so you all get the same start waves. You are still given guide times to start each stage, and there’s an overall course completion time – penalties apply if you don’t make it. There’s more chance of being before or after a rider who is considerably faster or slower than you, but with less stress on the transition times, it’s a more sociable choice for many.

Short Course

The short course will be at least one stage less than the full version of the course. It’s aimed at riders concerned about the fitness challenge of the entire enduro course, and for the 14-15 age group riders. All riders completing the short course will choose their start times at registration. 

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