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Semer Water Swim

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Sunday 12th July 2020

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Wednesday 16th October 2019
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Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 14:00
Entry Fees
3k   £30.00   
1500m   £25.00   
500m   £18.00   
Event Organiser

This is your opportunity to swim in the stunning Semer Water, the second largest lake in North Yorkshire. According to legend, Semerwater was once a flourishing city. Cursed by a stranger who was refused food and drink as he knocked on city doors. Finally, he came to the dwelling of a poor couple just outside the town. The couple took him in and treated him with kindness, feeding and offering him ale. As the stranger turned to leave, he turned to face the town and uttered the curse:

“Semerwater rise, and Semerwater sink, and swallow the town all save this house, where they gave me food and drink.”

The waters of the lake instantly rose up and flooded the city, drowning the proud inhabitants and leaving only the dwelling of the poor couple. On the plus side, it is a lovely place to swim with stunning views and you can choose either the 500m, the 1 mile or the 3k distance, depending upon your age and ability. Come and join us for a proper Yorkshire swim and if anyone asks you to give them some food and drink, better to be safe rather than sorry and say yes.

Event start time
3km 09:00
1500m 11:00
500m 12:30

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