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The Welsh Winter Swim

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Saturday 29th February 2020

Entries Open
Thursday 3rd October 2019
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Saturday 22nd February 2020
Substitutions are allowed for this Event.
Entries so Far
150 Participants
Waiting List Entries
66 Participants
Entry Fees

50m £20 each
100m £25 each
250m £29 each
500m £32 each

Event Organiser - Chloe Rafferty

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This event is now full so all new entries will be placed on a waiting list. To get a waiting list entry just enter as normal. No payment is required at this stage as there is no guarantee of being offered a place. If the Event Organiser is able to offer you a place they will send you an email inviting you to enter. You will then be asked to come back to this site and make your payment to confirm your entry. For more details please see our Waiting List Help.

The Welsh Winter Swim

29th February 2020

Set in beautiful Llyn Padarn, Llanberis with views of snow covered Mount Snowdon, The Welsh Winter Swim will include short individual races of 50-250m and a tough 500m endurance challenge. You may enter single or multiple races. Please remember the water will be very cold (around 1 - 7ºC) and it is essential that you acclimatise to cold water swimming sufficiently before taking part in these races.

 Entries for wetsuit and non-wetsuits are available but please be aware that wetsuit wearers will not be eligible for prizes except for 'Best Hat of the Day'

 The Races

Challenge = Swim fast or chill out and chat - swim any stroke you like.
Head up breaststroke = the traditional cold water swimming style allowing swimmers to compete in cold conditions without getting brain freeze! The rules are simple – you must ensure that your eyes do not go below the water level at any time during the race. Swimmers are encouraged to wear a warm hat for this race, or get crafty and create their own head wear – the more wacky the better. There will be a winner of 'Best Hat of the Day' plus an extra special prize for an 'Environmental' theme hat of the day! (Please consider the environment when making/purchasing hats and make sure that any hat you wear will not cause any pollution to the lake - no bits that can fall off or glitter etc - thank you!) 

  • 50m Challenge
  • 50m Heads up
  • 100m Challenge
  • 100m Heads up
  • 250m Challenge
  • 250m Heads up
  • 500m Challenge - this will be a tough 500m race for experienced cold water swimmers only. In order to compete in this race, you will need to testify that you have swum at least 300m in 5 degrees or less in the 2019/12 winter season. 

Race souvenir & prizes

Unique race sew-on patches will be given to all swimmers for each distance that they complete! Enter all the distances to et the whole set!

Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 male and female finishers in each race (wetsuit wearers are not eligible for prizes except for 'Best Hat of the Day’)

  • 50m Challenge: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 50m Heads up: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 100m Challenge: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 100m Heads up: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 250m Challenge: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 250m Heads up: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 500m Challenge: Male and Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • 'Best Hat of the Day’
  • 'Best 'Environmental' theme hat of the day'

There will be a warm indoor space for you to change in but you will be outdoors for the majority of the event so please come prepared with toweling robes, Dryrobes, warm hats etc. The ground around the lake is covered in sharp slate waste so please wear suitable footwear (crocs etc)

Rules - The rules are simple! Infringe any of them and you will be disqualified! For full terms and conditions and race rules please go to:

  • In the head-up breaststroke race you must ensure that your eyes do not go below the water level at any time during the race. 
  • No false starts.
  • No short cutting - you must complete the full course but rounding the buoys.
  • Do not swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No performance enhancing drugs can be used or substances that preserve or increase body heat.
  • No headphones.
  • To be eligible for a podium position prize swimsuits must be worn (no wetsuits). Swimsuits may not go beyond the top of the knee or past the shoulder (i.e. they must not have legs or sleeves) and cannot provide the swimmer with thermal protection or buoyancy. 
  • Wetsuits may be worn but you will be ineligible for any prizes except Best Hat of the Day.
  • Neoprene socks and gloves (non webbed) may be worn.  
  • Swimmers may not use any device or material, which is designed to improve performance. This includes, without limitation, webbed gloves, finger bands, hand-paddles, snorkels, fins or floatation devices.
  • Swimmers must wear something on their head; either a swimming cap or a woollen hat or other warm hat. Decorated and wacky hats are encouraged!
  • The organiser’s decision on whether or not a swimmer is attired appropriately will be final.
  • The organiser’s decision on whether or not a swimmer has infringed any of the above rules will be final.
  • All swimmers start in the water. 

For full event information please go to:

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