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The Crosses 55 Ultra and Half

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Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st June 2020

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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Monday 5th August 2019
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Tuesday 25th February 2020
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10 Participants
Entry Fees
Crosses Ultra   £80.00   
Half Crosses   £55.00   
Event Organiser - Neil Armstrong

The Crosses Ultra is a 55 mile circular Ultramarathon challenge event running from Goathland and visiting all (except one) of the moorland crosses. The Crosses Half Ultra is a 27.5 mile circular route which shares some of the same trails as the full Crosses. Starting at 9am Saturday for full and 9:30am for half. The 55 mile or 27.5 mile challenge will take competitors through the North York Moors and the Cleveland Hills. Do not underestimate this challenge!! 

The Half Crosses is a 27.5 miles.  It takes the same route as the full crosses but splits at the bottom of the incline up to Goathland, from there it goes towards Mallyan Spout and through Goathland to head up to Simon Howe, after summiting Simon Howe it goes to Wardle Green and then Brown Howe where it rejoins the Crosses full route.

All proceeds raise funds for Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team in their 55th year.  All entrants will receive an event t-shirt and bespoke medal.

The time limit is strictly 24 hours. 

Registration will be held between 06:00 and 08:30 on Saturday 20th June 2020 at Goathland Hub. If you arrive after 08:30 you may not be allowed to run. 

At Registration you will first receive a kit check. On passing kit check, give your full name to the registration team and you will receive your event number. This must be visible at ALL times. Plus your GPS tracker which will be attached to your pack and must NOT be removed or tampered with. 


Your event number must be displayed at all checkpoints.  Your GPS tracker must remain on your person at all times as fitted at the start. It is for YOUR safety. Late returns will result in an additional weekend hire rate every 4 days per tracker that is not returned. If the tracker is not returned within 10 days of the return date, it will assumed to be lost and an invoice for the replacement amount will be issued. For each day it is NOT returned you will be charged £20 per day. 

Crosses Ultra and Half Ultra Briefing will be at 08:50  All must attend and listen. 


  1. Goathland Village Hub (Start/Finish/Parking)
  2. Glaisdale Top NZ7320 0222 - drinks top of bank - 9 Miles
  3. Botton Cross NZ6973 0198 - unmanned
  4. Ralph’s Cross NZ6770 0191 - Cold Drinks and Snacks - 13.5 Miles
  5. Chimney Bank SE7206 9459 - Cold drinks - 19.5 Miles
  6. Low Cross SE7343 8824 - Cold drinks - 24 miles
  7. Cropton Cabins - Bag Drop - Hot/Cold Drinks and Snacks - 27.5 Miles
  8. Mauley Cross SE7959 9433 - Cold Drinks - 33 Miles
  9. Saltergate SE8503 9410 - Cold Drinks and Snacks - 37.5 Miles
  10. Malo Cross SE8666 9492 - Unmanned
  11. Lilla Cross SE8886 9867 - Second bag drop - Cold Drinks - 42.5 Miles
  12. Postgate Cross NZ9226 0454 - Cold Drinks and Snacks - 47 Miles
  13. John Cross NZ9002 0271 - unmanned
  14. Whinstone Ridge NZ8838 0130 - Cold Drinks - 51 Miles 

Depending on which checkpoint, a 1 - 3 hour time penalty will be given if the checkpoint is missed. You will be carrying a mandatory GPS tracker which can be reviewed to check no shortcuts have been taken.


  • Runners have 24 hours to complete the Crosses Ultra and Half Challenge Event. Starting at and finishing at Goathland Village Hub. You must pass through ALL the checkpoints within the stated time limits.
  • Checks will be made at registration and you will not be permitted to compete without the mandatory items.
  • Any runner who is (in the opinion of the event directors, marshals or medics) unfit to continue will be withdrawn from the event. THEIR DECISION IS FINAL.
  • You must log in with the Marshals at each checkpoint.
  • You must notify an event marshal at the first instance if you decide to retire from the event. Once you retire from the event your event number must be surrendered and you will not be allowed to continue.
  • You must carry ALL items marked as mandatory from the equipment list (below). 

Please be quiet when passing peoples houses and do not drop litter including gel packets. No climbing over fences, use the stiles/gates provided. Respect other users of the countryside and your fellow competitor. Respect the marshals and the event director. Greet passers by and we can all develop a reputation of polite, decent, nutters!!


  • Rucksack
  • Hat/Buff and Gloves
  • Sun hat
  • Waterproof Jacket (Must have Taped Seams and a Hood)
  • A warm layer - you may be running through the night
  • Minimum of 2 x 0.5 litre water/sports drink to be carried
  • Cup/Bottle - non provided on the course
  • Headtorch/Torch plus spare batteries
  • OS Maps 26 and 27 with route marked on it
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Survival Bag (Bag not just Blanket) or Blizzard Survival Jacket
  • Emergency food supply (chocolate/energy bar)
  • A fully charged Mobile phone with event emergency number in it 07624 000192 (to be kept on at all times)


  • Spare Socks.
  • Waterproof Socks (worn with liner socks)
  • GPS
  • Waterproof liner for rucksack
  • Toilet roll
  • Sun cream 


  • HAT (NOT BUFF) - 1 hour on your finish time
  • GLOVES - 1 hour on your finish time
  • HEADTORCH/TORCH - 2 hours on your finish time
  • WHISTLE- 1 hour on your finish time
  • EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY- 2 hours on your finish time
  • WARM LAYER - 2 hours on your finish time
  • SURVIVAL BAG (NOT BLANKET)- Disqualification 


If you do not have the items from the mandatory kit list you will not be allowed to participate in the crosses ultra. Our kit checks are thorough. No exceptions, No arguments!! 

EVERYBODY will be spot checked. Anybody being abusive to the marshals conducting the spot checks will be instantly disqualified from the event. You will be checked in order of entering the checkpoint so you will not lose a position. Anybody caught stashing gear or passing it to a support crew/runner will also be disqualified! YOU MUST CARRY ALL YOUR OWN KIT!! 


You will be allowed two NON-RETURNABLE drop bags, one at Cropton Cabins and one at Lilla Cross. Please keep these to a minimum size: i.e. supermarket carrier bag size. Remember there is food/drink on the course, you will not need to bring a hamper of goodies!! The drop bags are really for spare gels, energy bars, food, sock change or an extra layer. REMEMBER: WHAT YOU DON'T CARRY WITH YOU OUT OF YOUR DROP BAG WILL BE DISPOSED OF! 
Drop Bags must have your name written clearly on the bag, plus, bag location (Cropton or Lilla). Stickers tend to fall off, so if you use them find some foolproof way of attaching them to the bag.


We endeavour to tape and sign the route to allow minimal navigation input, please remember however that it is YOUR responsibility to know the route and carry maps/compass and know how to use them. 


Leave Cropton by midnight Saturday.
Leave Saltergate by 1am
Leave Lilla Cross by 3am 


If you time out or retire and are unsupported please contact 07624 000192 and we will arrange your transportation to the event finish. Please note this may take a while and you may have to wait until the checkpoint you are at closes. 
If you decide to drop out of the event due to injury or for any other reason please, if possible, make your way to the next checkpoint, unless close to the last checkpoint (it could be that the last checkpoint you visited may have closed before you manage to return to it). If injured and cannot continue and are between checkpoints again contact 07624 000192 and we will pick you up. 
You must give the marshall/sweeper your race number and GPS tracker. Failure to do this will result in a charge.
Late returns will result in an additional weekend hire rate every 4 days per tracker that is not returned. If the tracker is not returned within 10 days of the return date, it will assumed to be lost and an invoice for the replacement amount will be issued. For each day it is NOT returned you will be charged £20 per day. 
Anyone retiring from the event MUST contact the next checkpoint if possible and also phone the following 07624 000192 



No dogs allowed
Over 18’s Only
No entries on the day
You must bring proof of entry to registration
No drinking vessels are provided on the course

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