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Northern Fells Running Club

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Monday 1st April 2019 to Tuesday 31st March 2020

Membership Period
Monday 1st April 2019 to Tuesday 31st March 2020
Renewal Period
Saturday 16th March 2019 to Sunday 15th March 2020
Membership Fees

Senior Individual - Competing Member
Senior Member Fell Runner: £5.00
Senior Member All Disciplines: £20.00
Senior First Claim Other: £5.00: (when already a member of another club, see below) 

Junior Individual - Competing Member
Junior Member Fell Runner: £2.00
Junior Member All Disciplines (11yr -18yr): £17.00
Junior Member First Claim (under 11yr): £2.00 (see below)
Junior First Claim Other: £2.00: (when already a member of another club, see below)

Social Only – Non-Competing Members
Social Club Member: £4.00
Social Family Membership (Up to 4 persons): £12.00

Memberships Secretary - Chris Curtis

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We are a friendly fell running club, formed in December 2014 and based in and around the Northern Fells of the Lake District National Park. We are primarily a fell running club with our social runs held on the fells. We encourage members to take part in FRA Fell races and have club championships to help encourage participation in local Fell races. We also organise our own Fell races in the Northern Fells area such as Carrock Fell, The Old Crown Round and Fellside. Many of our members also compete in Road races and we have a small but enthusiastic Cross Country team. We meet every second Sunday for social club runs.

You can find more information about us on our Facebook pages:

Choosing Your Membership
NFRC is a UK Athletics affiliated club recognised by the Fell Running Association and England Athletics for the disciplines of Fell, Road, Trail and Cross Country.

If you wish to be a member of the club for social runs and/or to represent the club as a competing member in Fell races and no other discipline then please join as a ‘Fell Runner’ membership.

If you wish to represent the club in Fell races at County, Regional or National or International championship levels you must have either UK Athletics or FRA membership. Please join as an All Disciplines member where £15 of the club fee pays for an England Athletics membership, or you can join as Fell Runner Only and join the FRA yourself (

If you wish to represent the club in races in Road, Trail or Cross Country you must have UK Athletics membership. Please join as an All Disciplines member where £15 of the club fee pays for your England Athletics membership. Please note that many road races such as local 10K races, and some longer trail races, are organised by private companies and these do not have UKA affiliation and so do not require membership. You are advised to check before you race. If you are not a UKA member but the race does require it then you can still run, but you cannot represent the club.  Some examples are Cross Country racing and road marathons which do require UKA membership if you are representing the club. Bear in mind that you can join England Athletics at any time and can do this by contacting the club to have your club membership changed.

Junior members under 11yrs may compete in any discipline and do not need to pay a EA fee.

Junior ages are based on the age on the day of the race/event. If a Junior is becoming 12 or 18 respectively mid-way through membership, please contact the club and the membership will be transferred for you.

If you only wish to join for social runs and social events only or to generally support the club you can join as a Social Only member.

NFRC do not provide a Second Claim membership category. If you are already a First Claim member of another club and wish to join and represent NFRC for disciplines that your original First Claim club does not support, then please join as ‘First Claim Other’.  For example, if your original club does not support Fell running then joining as ‘First Claim Other’ means you will be able to represent NFRC in Fell races.

The Annual Membership period commences 1st April. If you join between 1st Jan - 31st March, your NFRC membership will last until the end of the following membership year.  All enquiries regarding memberships to Memberships Secretary Chris Curtis

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