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9 Edges Endurance for Edale MRT

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Saturday 14th September 2019

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Friday 12th April 2019
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Thursday 29th August 2019
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Entry Fee   £30.00   
Event Organiser - Laura Cooper



The event will take place for the 14th year running, on Saturday 14th September 2019 to raise money for Edale Mountain Rescue Team. It is over some rough moorland and along gritstone edges. Some navigational ability is required. The route is on the OS Dark Peak and White Peak Maps and both are required to cover the route.

You choose, when you complete your entry form, whether you walk, run or climb the route. Walkers and runners largely follow the same route but climbers climb a route of their choice on each of the nine gritstone edges. It is a 20 mile off road event with about 900 metres of height gain.


Entry Fee

The entry fee is £30. This covers land access fees and a £2 per participant on the day donation to the Peak Park for land conservation. Also included in the entry fee are refreshments at various marshal points and a drink at The Robin Hood Inn at the end. Transport back to Fairholmes is also included. Numbers are strictly limited by The Peak District National Park Authority. Past experience suggests that the event will be full well before the closing date.

No entries will be accepted on the day. It is not permitted to swap your entry (and entry fee) to another participant under any circumstances and we offer no refunds. We operate a waiting list and therefore offer drop out places to the waiting list first, it is unfair for runners to pass on an entry to a friend and this can also risk event safety. Please notify us if you cannot make it so we can pass your space on to the next person in line and make the necessary adjustments. We don’t offer any refunds.

T Shirt Design

Saul a regular competitor and running climber has designed the event T Shirt for many years. Always coming up with a unique design. Thanks Saul.

You can order your T-shirt for an additional £5 when you enter the event.

The Rules

If you take part in the event you must familiarise yourself with the Fell Runners Association Requirements for Runners, this can be located on the Fell Runners Association website.

Click “Events” on header bar, select “Races” from drop down menu, click on the left to download documents, then select the document from the list.

FRA Requirements for Runners 

For your own and others safety you must also be familiar with the information in the Hypothermia leaflet and the First on the Scene leaflet at the same location.

The event is a FRA category BL (B Long) event, skills and experience ER (Experience Required), PM (Course Partially Marked), LK (Local Knowledge an advantage), NS (Navigational Skills required).

Peak District National Park Requests

The Peak District National Park is a living landscape. Please respect the privacy and needs of residents and landowners.

You can find out more about the area on

Comply with the Countryside Code at all times.

Be aware of and sensitive to farming and forestry operations. Be wary of the Highland Cows which may be present on part of the route especially if there are people with dogs in the area.

Try to give something back to the local community by staying locally and buying locally where possible. The Robin Hood Inn is usually very pleased with the custom the event provides.

There are toilets at Fairholmes Information Centre close to registration, at Longshaw Lodge and at the Robin Hood Inn at the finish.

Climbers Only

If you choose to take part as a climber please be aware you will be taking part at your own risk and will not be covered by the insurance provided by the FRA for runners and walkers. Please ensure you are adequately covered for climbing which is a hazardous activity.

The intention is you climb one route on each Edge. Please ensure you finish by 1800 (6pm).


We organise the event to raise money for the team and would encourage all participants to collect sponsorship. Contact if you would like a sponsor form or use the event on to set up your own Justgiving page for the event.


The Route

* Please note that last year, due to permissions, we had to alter the route slightly to our traditional route described below. We are applying this year to go back to this however if it is not permitted we will go via last years route. We will keep you informed as always as we go.

The event starts at Fairholmes (SK173894). It is a traverse from Fairholmes, over nine gritstone edges (Derwent, Stanage, Burbage North, Burbage South, Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow, Gardom’s and Birchen Edge) to The Robin Hood Inn near Baslow.  Transport is provided back to the start.  Please see below.

The Kit

Participants must each carry the following equipment as a minimum. Kit will be checked at the start desk so please allow sufficient time for this.  Random kit checks may take place and if you do not have the correct kit you will not be allowed to participate.  Please bring the full kit and don’t put us in the embarrassing position of having to disqualify you.

  • Waterproof jacket and leg cover, both with taped seams
  • Hat and gloves
  • Warm layers appropriate for the weather conditions but the minimum is a long sleeved fleece
  • Whistle
  • Sufficient food and fluids for the duration of the event
  • Map and compass suitable for navigating the course. If you choose to navigate on OS 1:25000 mapping you need both Dark and White Peak maps to cover the course.
  • Survival bag or bespoke emergency shelter, lightweight polythene allowed, no foil blankets, foil bags acceptable, Blizzard Bags allowed.

We are not allowing foil blankets as they are very difficult to shelter in during inclement weather. Please be aware that foil bags and blankets deteriorate with time and can shred when they are opened in an emergency. If you use one as an emergency shelter we strongly recommend you unwrap it to see if it is still functional and replace it at frequent intervals. Once unwrapped they are very difficult to repack.  Get a lightweight polythene survival bag and it will give many years service and can be used several times as a ground sheet under your tent on mountain marathons and still work as a survival bag in an emergency.

We have compact lightweight polythene survival bags with a total weight of 100g for sale at £5.

Whatever the weather everybody must carry the full kit. This is to look after you if you are injured en route.  Hopefully no one will require to use the kit but it must be carried in case of emergency.


Change of Clothes

Runners and running climbers only. We will transport a small bag for you to the finish desk – no kitchen sinks!  Please remember to collect at the finish!  Please mark your bag clearly with your name, race number and phone number before handing it over.  Bring a suitable label with you to the event.


Start Times

Walkers and climbers can start anytime between 0730—0900.

There is a mass start at 1000 for runners.

If you are a runner who decides to start BEFORE the mass start please note the checkpoints may not be in place and thus no refreshments will be available for you! You will also be considered to be non-competitive and not eligible for a prize.



Please note that as per the FRA guidelines we have to double check everybody at the start and finish lines; please ensure you have been checked off twice at each point by doing the following:


Start Line – Registration, 1st Checkpoint:

You must register at the Registration Desk before starting the event – to do this you MUST bring with you your confirmation email of your entry to the event and hand this over at the registration desk, if you do not have this and your name is not on the registration list you will not be able to take part in the race. The Registration Desk will be near to the Bike Hire shop. Registration will be open from 0730 until 1000.  You will be issued with your participant number, which you need to display prominently on your chest without folding during the event. The event Emergency Telephone Number will be printed on your participant number.

In wet weather you can wear your number inside your waterproofs but must expose it at each checkpoint so the marshals can record your number.

Start Line – 2nd Checkpoint:

As you head down towards the start line there will be a marshal marking off your numbers, as your go through a single file funnel into the start pen. Please ensure you allow plenty of time on arrival to go through Registration and the 2nd Check as there will no doubt be a queue at both.

Please be in the start pen and ready to start at 0955. In 2015 several runners missed the start.

Finish Line:

The route finishes at The Robin Hood Inn near Baslow.

There will be 2 desks one after the other at the finish, please ensure you stop at both. The first will take your number and time, to the second. The next desk will mark your number on a grid.

Car Parking

Please arrive in as few cars as possible. There is limited free parking on the road approaching Fairholmes and pay and display parking adjacent to the visitor centre.  Please ensure you have adequate change to pay for car parking.

Emergency Contact

At the start of the event you will be given an emergency contact number. Use this to request emergency assistance during the event.

Retirement Procedure

For a competitor decision to retire, it is a fundamental rule that you must inform event control in all circumstances. This should be done speedily by:

  • Reporting to an identified checkpoint and then returning rapidly and directly to the finish to report to event control.
  • Reporting directly and rapidly to event control if retiring between checkpoints.
  • Telephoning the emergency number if unable to return to event control.
  • If for some reason you are unable to report to event control or to the event emergency number. Telephone the police and tell them you are retiring from EMRTs Nine Edges Endurance Event and are unable to inform the event emergency number or event control.


There will be marshals and refreshments at key points along the route. If you have any problems please contact one of them.  You must also comply with any requests that they make of you.  Edale Mountain Rescue Team will be attending the event and will be available on-call.

Results & Prize Giving

This event is intended as a personal test of endurance for walkers and climbers. However, the event is also a fell race and so a prize giving ceremony (prizes for runners only) will be held at The Robin Hood at 1400 (2pm).  A copy of the full results can be downloaded from shortly after the event.

Trophies will be awarded for the following categories.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Male Open

1st, 2nd, 3rd Female Open

1st, 2nd, 3rd U23 Male Open

1st, 2nd, 3rd U23 Female Open

1st, 2nd, 3rd Male Vet 40+

1st, 2nd, 3rd Female Vet 40+

1st, 2nd, 3rd Male Senior Vet 50+

1st, 2nd, 3rd Female Senior Vet 50+

Male and Female trophies will be separate. Age classes will be combined with the open trophy, if the 1st person to finish is a female vet 40+, she will get two trophies, 1st Female and 1st Female Vet 40+. The 1st man to finish will then get the 1st Male trophy.

* Please note the U23 categories will only be carried out if we have enough U23's taking part to award trophies fairly.


This event is a traverse from Fairholmes to The Robin Hood Inn. We provide free transport back to the start. It is essential that you confirm on your entry form if you will require a lift back to Fairholmes so that we can make sure we have enough bus spaces booked.

The last bus back to the finish will leave The Robin Hood Inn at approximately 1900 (7pm).

How to Enter

Enter online via our website

Enter Online:       

Edit Entries:         Entry List:            

Further Details




The route is not marked and the choice of routes between checkpoints is down to you. We expect that you will run or walk directly above or below each of the Nine Edges.  Please use marked rights of way or existing routes at all times.

Additionally, climbers must climb one route of their choice on each of the Nine Edges, at their own risk. Please ensure you finish by 1800 (6pm).

The owners of the high moorland in the northern section of the route have asked that entrants stick to rights of way and the concessionary paths along the top of Derwent and Stanage Edges. Please do not use point to point routes across the fragile high moorland.

You can use the path up Hollin Clough to climb onto the high moorland.

If you choose to use the footpath descending in an easterly direction from Derwent Edge towards Moscar House a marshal will be located at SK20318802 (Peak & Northern Footpaths Society Marker Post 248) to ensure you find the correct route.

If you wish you can still use the bridleway descending in an easterly direction to Cutthroat Bridge.


Grid Reference


Start Desk (by the bike hire shop)



Mass Start (RUNNERS ONLY) (under reservoir wall)



Bradfield Gate Head



Moscar Lodge (by footpath from A57)


Drinks Only

Upper Burbage Bridge


Drinks & Light Snacks

Burbage South



Haywood Car Park (near Froggatt) ¹


Drinks & Light Snacks

Curbar Gap (on footpath on Baslow Edge side) ²



Path/road junction west of Clod Hall crossroads ³



Finish Desk – Robin Hood Inn


Drinks Only


¹Please ensure that you take a right on the footpath after The Grouse Inn to go into Haywood car park and DO NOT go straight down the road. There will be a marshal to stop you at the entry to the Froggatt footpath and they will ask you to go back the correct way to visit the checkpoint.

²Please use the bridleway from Curbar Gap to Clod Hall crossroads (via Wellington Monument SK265737). Do not go down the road.

³It is up to you how you get from Clod Hall crossroads to the finish. But please keep to existing paths on the ground.

WALKERS/CLIMBERS – ideally you should cross the top of Gardoms and underneath Birchens (climbers doing a route on each) before heading down to The Robin Hood Inn. If you go past the camp site then you haven’t really been close to Birchens Edge!

RUNNERS – you have only to get from the crossroads checkpoint to the finish point. The shortest way is up to the footpath underneath Birchens and down to The Robin Hood Inn. Note there is NO checkpoint on top of or under Gardoms or Birchens.

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