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Irish Orienteering Relay Championships

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Monday 6th May 2019

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

Entries Open
Monday 14th January 2019
Entries Close
Friday 19th April 2019
Open Premier; Women's Premier; Junior 36; Junior 48; Handicap 12; Handicap 6; Handicap 18
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69 Entries
Entry Fees

Senior Relay Team   - £42 (£48 from 30th March)
Junior 36 / 48 Team  - £21 (£24 from 30th March)

Entries Secretary - Robbie Bryson

We request that relay entries are made by a Club Captain or nominated representative.

The Irish Relay Championships take place at Parkanaur, County Tyrone.

Entry Information - Teams can be entered without entering individual names for each runner. If possible these can be entered into SiEntries later which will assist with event administration at the weekend. Final team names will be taken from the final Team Declaration Forms which will be available at the event and must be completed by 3pm on Sunday 5th May irrespective of whether or not names have been entered into SiEntries.

SIAC cards will be allocated to each team at relay event registration on Monday 6th May.

In the Open Premier and Women’s Premier classes the team members compete over three equal length laps of the same physical and technical difficulty.

Junior 36 / 48 Classes:
Teams in the Junior 48 and Junior 36 classes should have a combined age of up to 48 years and 36 years respectively using their ‘orienteering age’. Their team members compete over laps of different length, and different physical and technical difficulty. The maximum ‘orienteering age’ for any competitor in either Junior class is M/W 18.

Handicap Classes:
Similar to the Junior system, the Handicap classes are based on the combined ages of the team members using their ‘orienteering age’. Handicap Points are allocated to the various orienteering age groups as follows, and these are used to calculate the total points for the team that determines their handicap class.

Age Class Points
M21 0
M20, M35 1
M18, M40, W21  2
M45, W20, W35 3
M16, M50, W18, W40 4
M55, W16, W45 5
M14, M60, W14, W50 6
M65, W55  7
M70 and over, W60 8
W65 9
W70 and over 10

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