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Weardale Ski Club 2018/19

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Saturday 1st September 2018 to Saturday 31st August 2019

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Membership Period
Saturday 1st September 2018 to Saturday 31st August 2019
Renewal Period
Saturday 1st September 2018 to Tuesday 30th April 2019
Membership Types
Adult; Intermediate; Junior
Weardale Ski Club -  

Membership of Weardale Ski Club is now available for the 2018/19 season under the same terms as last season.

1st-30th September, members from 2017/18 can renew their membership at the discounted rate for prompt renewal and with priority to guarantee places. Additional memberships cannot be taken out at this stage but such new members can be registered without final commitment or cost to give priority invitation on 1st October. As these are not renewals they will be at the full rate.

1st-31st October, invitations will be issued to those who have registered as above or independently since last season at the full rate. Members from 2017/18 can continue to renew at the discounted rate, however they will no longer have priority to guarantee places.

1st November onwards, membership will be opened up to all at the full rate.

The membership limit remains at 750 and availability at each stage is determined by the number of vacancies at that point.

              ADULT                         £48 (Aged 18 or over on 1st September 2018), discounted to £38 for early renewal.

              INTERMEDIATE          £10 (Aged 10 or over on 1st September 2018)

              JUNIOR                        £5 (Aged under 10 on 1st September 2018)

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