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Pentland Skyline Hill Race

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Sunday 14th October 2018

Entries Open
Sunday 19th August 2018 at 11:00
Entries Close
Sunday 30th September 2018
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315 Participants
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18 Participants
Entry Fees
Entry Fee   £10.00   
Race Director - Joel Sylvester

A fell race covering 16 miles and 6200 feet of climb in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. Race date for 2018 is Sunday 14th October. Registration at the lower car park, Hillend Ski road, from 9:00am. Race start time is 11:00am.

Taking part in this race is a serious undertaking. As a rule of thumb, your finish time will be comparable to your road marathon time. The race route includes steep ascents and descents, on loose and rough ground, and sections of difficult open moorland. The course is unmarked, you are expected to be able to navigate.

For 2018, entry is again online only. There will not be any entries on the day. An online waiting list will be used if the race fills.

Please read and understand the following rules and conditions of entry.

Race Rules - general

  1. Competitors MUST have the following minimum kit with them at all times during the race.
    This is the minimum kit requirement for this event, but you are responsible for carrying any additional items you consider necessary for your own protection given the conditions, or as the race organiser may dictate on the day.
    1. Waterproof jacket with hood
    2. Waterproof overtrousers
    3. Hat and gloves
    4. Map and compass suitable for navigating the course.
    5. Whistle
    6. Suitable running shoes - fell shoes or equivalent. Road shoes are not acceptable
  2. Hill Racing experience required. This race is not suitable for beginner hill racers. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility to run the race, contact the race organiser.
  3. Navigational skills will be required. The course is unmarked except where a set line is required to prevent erosion. You MUST be able to find your way in mist using map and compass. You cannot depend on being able to follow a path or another runner. Local knowledge might be an advantage though in general the racing line follows paths and trods. There may be sections where you are required to follow a marked line. Details will be given at race briefing.
  4. All competitors must be aged 18 or over on day of race.
  5. You are responsible for your own safety. If you see someone in trouble YOU MUST HELP, even if it costs you the race.
  6. Runners taking more than 2 hours 15 mins to reach checkpoint 12 (The Drove Road) are required to retire and accept a lift to the start/finish.
  7. Runners are not allowed to run with their dogs on the course.
  8. No race parking anywhere on the Hillend ski access road or ski centre. Any competitors found parked at the ski centre will be penalised the time equivalent to walking to the start from the main road.

Race Rules - Retirement Procedure

If you must retire from the race, you must do so in a safe manner. 

  1. Continue to and report to the nearest race marshal if possible. If not possible, then another competitor must inform the next marshal
  2. We recommend (if possible) using one of the two escape points indicated on the published race map.
  3. YOU MUST REPORT TO THE FINISH LINE. You must hand your race number into the finish. This is essential, and failure to do so will make life very difficult for the race organiser. We are under an obligation to account for all competitors who have registered for the race. If we cannot account for you, we have to find you. This is usually difficult, time consuming and stressful, and we have to involve the Police. If you think this is alarmist, then please read about the Sailbeck tragedy in 2012. If you do not comply with this rule then we may report you to Scottish Hill Runners, and ask for your banning from future SHR races.

Note that the above are Mandatory Safety Rules, supplemental to those given by Scottish Hill Runners safety policy. Both sets of rules apply. The rules are for both your safety and the race organisers. It is the competitors responsibility to understand and accept the rules. Any questions should be directed to the race organiser. 

Other Race Information

  1. Suitable Maps: (The downloadable map found at the Official Race Page  is sufficient for the race if you are comfortable with it)
    1. Explorer 344: Pentland Hills, Penicuik & West Linton (1:25000)
    2. Landranger 66: Edinburgh, Penicuik & North Berwick (1:50000)
    3. Harvey Pentland Hills (1:25000)
  2. The organiser recommends trying this course before race day or at least doing some training runs of equivalent height and distance. This race is much harder than you might expect 16 miles to be.
  3. Race Control contact number: 07952 640614 (emergency only).
  4. A covered area for bags will be available at race start, but the race cannot accept any responsibility for their security. Ask at registration.
  5. There will be plentiful race parking available behind the Lothianburn Golf Club House, 300m North of the Hillend Ski Road junction. Any competitors attempting to park on the ski road will be turned back. Any competitors found parked at the Snowsports Centre car park will be penalised the time taken to walk from the race car park. We do not want a repeat of 2016 when the race was delayed by competitors ignoring this rule!

Check out the Official Race Page for more information including a course description and a printable race map.

Data Protection Legislation

Carnethy Hill Running Club (CHRC) use SiEntries as a data processor. SiEntries will take information provided by you for the purposes of managing race entry. Please see their Privacy Policy Statement. Any data taken or kept by SiEntries is governed by their policies, and any requests for opt out, withdraw of consent etc should be directed to them.

CHRC will use information provided to us by SiEntries for the sole purpose of the organisation and safe running of the Pentland Skyline Race.  CHRC will retain and make public the following results information indefinitely (subject to your legal right to request erasure, correction etc) : Your name, gender, age group, club, race times and race finish positions. All other personal information in CHRC possession will be erased within 3 months of the race date.

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