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East Harptree Woods Trail O

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Sunday 2nd September 2018

East Harptree Woods Trail O
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Thursday 31st May 2018
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Monday 27th August 2018
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41 Participants
Entry Fees
Elite Open / Para - Senior £12,  Junior £6
Standard - Senior £6,  Junior  £3

EoD for PreO - Senior +£2,  Junior +£1

Organiser - Matthew Pickering

British Ranking TrailO (PreO) Competition - East Harptree Woods - Sunday 2 September 2018 

Venue: East Harptree Woods which is a 5 minute drive from Stockhill.  The event will be a British ranking PreO competition. 

It is typical forestry commission forest with a variety of point and line features in a mixed species woodland.  Starts after 1400.

Planner: Tom Dobra (UBOC)
Organiser: Matthew Pickering (UBOC)
Course Checker: Pat McLeod (NGOC)

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