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Scottish Relay Championships

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Sunday 27th May 2018

Entries Open
Monday 12th March 2018
Entries Close
Sunday 13th May 2018
Men's Open; Women's Open; Age-Class: 8+ points; Age-Class: 11+ points; Age-Class: 14+ points; Age-Class: 17+ points; Age-Class: 20+ points; Junior: Total BOF Age 44-; Junior: Total BOF Age 36-
Entries so Far
149 Entries
Entry Fees
Men's Open (per team)   £36.00   
Women's Open (per team)   £36.00   
Age-Class: 8+ points (per team)   £36.00   
Age-Class: 11+ points (per team)   £36.00   
Age-Class: 14+ points (per team)   £36.00   
Age-Class: 17+ points (per team)   £36.00   
Age-Class: 20+ points (per team)   £36.00   
Junior: Total BOF Age 44- (per team)   £18.00   
Junior: Total BOF Age 36- (per team)   £18.00   
Entries Secretary - Nicola Howard

The Scottish Orienteering Relay Championships are being staged at the north end of Roseisle forest, an area of complex forested sand dunes with a mix of fast and slower running.

The event is being run under Scottish Orienteering Association Rules

Note that there is a Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) scheduled for Roseisle in October 2018; the Planners and Controllers of that event and the Relays (SRC) have ensured there is no compromise to the SOL embargo for SRC competitors.

The SI timing system will be used; SIAC will not be available.

A new map surveyed 2017/8 based on Lidar data.
All courses will use the same map ; Size A4        Scale 1:7,500   Contour interval 2.5m
All courses will have pictorial control descriptions on the front of the map.
The Yellow course map will also have control descriptions in text format.
Yellow and Orange course maps will have a legend.

Hosted by Moravian Orienteers
Organisers: Denise Main and Elizabeth Furness, MOR (email:
Planner: Jon Hollingdale,  MOR
Controller: Hilary Quick,  BASOC

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