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OK Nuts Trophy and Blood Races - Sunday 21st January 2018

OK Nuts Trophy and Blood Races
Entries Open
Monday 4th December 2017
Entries Close
Friday 19th January 2018
Entries so Far
234 Participants
Entry Fees
All charges for this event will be made in Pounds Sterling
Blood Race courses
   Senior - BOF £10 / non-BOF £12
   Junior - BOF £4 / non-BOF £5  (M/W16 eligible for Very Nearly an Armful only. Blood race entry not available to M/W14 and below)

Colour Coded
   Senior on Green/Short Green - BOF £8 / non-BOF £10
   Senior on White/Yellow/Orange - BOF £4 / non-BOF £6
   Juniors - BOF £4 / non-BOF £5

+ £2 seniors / £1 junior for entries after 15th January


Mass start multi-loop orienteering “Blood Races”. Runners will encounter gaffling. The Full Blood, Half Blood and ‘Very Nearly an Armful’ will be roughly equivalent to Black, Brown and Blue courses respectively. Five traditional non-mass start colour coded courses are also provided.

Blood race mass starts at 10.10, 10.20, 10.30 for Full Blood, Half Blood, Very Nearly and Armful respectively.

Colour Coded starts 10.00-12.00

All enquiries regarding entries to Steven Clelland

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