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Redhill Road Runners 2018

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Monday 1st January to Monday 31st December 2018

Membership Period
Monday 1st January to Monday 31st December 2018
Renewal Period
Friday 1st December 2017 to Tuesday 11th September 2018
Membership Fees
Ordinary Membership   £25.00  (£15 from 1 July)
Young Adult (age 16-17 at renewal)   £15.00
Second Claim   £12.00
Associate Membership   £6.00
Membership Secretary - Leigh Stubbs

The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Wish to kick start your running, train with others or meet new friends with similar sporting ambitions & goals, then run with Redhill Road Runners, the friendliest & most popular road running club in Nottingham.

Founded in 1984 the club has over 200 members who live all over the County & beyond. Our club caters for all ages, ability & ambition. We have members who represent our Country & County & others who join for companionship. There are training groups that span these extremes. The club is very diverse & competes locally, regionally & nationally on the road, x/country & in relays events. Members also compete in multi-discipline sports such as duathlon & triathlon.

Just come & say “Hi” on any club night & run with others in a safe & friendly environment where everyone is welcome!

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