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Hell o'the Mynd

Saturday 28th October 2017

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Wednesday 29th March 2017
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Wednesday 25th October 2017
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Run one, two, or two and a half loops of the Hell o'the Mynd. Find out whether your legs and your head can deal with constant climbing and descending on often pathless terrain, following some vagueish instructions and a sketchy route map to visit a number of hidden checkpoints around the largely unmarked course. All of the first loop (clockwise) and a bit of the second (anticlockwise) will be in the daylight, but at some point it'll get dark. And probably quite cold. Wet too... You'll have to remember where you found the checkpoints on the first lap, and navigate (or use local knowledge) to find them in the murk.

No medals, no bling, just a certificate, a beer, some food and the kudos of completing the course await you. If you receive outside help, or stash anything on or close to the course, or leave a trail of jelly babies, Hell's helpers will know and you will be sent to the outer edge of darkness (DQ'ed). You can only replenish your energy and supplies back at the start/finish area. The main loop is just over 13 miles, so you can either try (half marathon), try hard (marathon) or succeed (50k). You must leave the event centre for loop 2 before 6 hours is up, and start the final half loop before 12 hours has expired. The overall time limit is 14 hours, so if you're cutting it fine leaving after loop 2 you'll need to summon superpowers to finish. For the shorter distances, just register for the event, give up at the end of whichever loop suits you and claim your certificate of shame.

Registration will be from 08:30 at the parking area near Womerton Farm, All Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6LJ, grid ref SO 458 971. Map, route instructions, toilet, camping area and limited parking (please car share) are provided. Bring a small tent and set up base-camp, and then party and crash with us at the end. Some form of under-cover area will be available at the start/finish. Supporters are very welcome at the event centre, and anywhere else on the route provided they offer only sarcasm and pity and give you no physical assistance.

You will be asked to give details of your previous experience and to explain why you feel you should be granted an entry to Hell o' the Mynd as part of the entry process. Give it some thought. We will not take entries from anyone who we feel lacks the necessary skills to survive, navigate and move forward on the hills in adverse weather conditions. We will prioritise entries which demonstrate a high level of understanding of the requirements and ethos of this event. The process is subjective. possibly arbitary and there will be no appeals! We'll review your entry application and if you're sucessful we'll email you asking you to make payment. Other options will be to ask you to wait (for entries where we believe you have the capabilities but haven't convinced us of your reasons for entering) in which case we'll get back to you before the end of September, or to decline your application (we'll email you to tell you).

Withdrawals before 30th September will receive a £20 refund. No refunds from 1st October.


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