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PFO City Race Euro Tour Warm Up Race - Ightenhill Urban (NWUL)

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Saturday 7th September 2024

Entries Open
Thursday 4th July 2024
Entries Close
Sunday 1st September 2024
MO; WO; MV; WV; MSV; WSV; MUV; WUV; WHV; MHV; MJ; WJ; MYJ; WYJ; Course 1 Open; Course 2 Open; Course 3 Open; Course 3 PAIR; Course 4 Open; Course 4 PAIR; Course 5 Open; Course 6 Open; Course 7 Open
Entries So Far
7 Participants
Entry Fees
Senior Member £9.00   
  £11.00  (from 26/08/24)
Senior Non-Member £11.00   
  £13.00  (from 26/08/24)
Young Adult Member £6.50   
  £7.50  (from 26/08/24)
Young Adult Non‑Member £8.00   
  £9.00  (from 26/08/24)
Junior Member £4.00   
  £5.00  (from 26/08/24)
Junior Non-Member £5.00   
  £6.00  (from 26/08/24)
Pairs (Courses 3 & 4 only) £16.00   
  £18.00  (from 26/08/24)


Organiser - Kay Hawke

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City Race Euro Tour Warm Up Race - Ightenhill Urban

Ightenhill is an area mostly made up of late 1990's modern housing estates, linked through snickets and pedestrianised passages. Set to the NW of Burnley it offers the variety of well kept parkland, estates and some old industrial style areas, offering route-choices galore. This event is part of the North West Urban League and an official warm up race the City Race Euro Tour event in Salford Quays the following day.

Entrants can choose to run any course, but entries are required to be by Age Categories (or run up) to count for the NWUL.

Pairs may enter Course 3 PAIR or Course 4 PAIR, but will not be eligible for the NWUL.

Course to Age Class mapping:

  Age Categories BOF Age Groups
Course 1 MO M18-M35
Course 2 WO, MV W18-W35, M40+
Course 3 WV, MSV W40+, M55+
Course 4 WSV, MUV W55+, M65+
Course 5 WUV, WHV, MHV W65+, W75+, M75+
Course 6 WJ, MJ W14-W16, M14-M16
Course 7 WYJ, MYJ W12-, M12-


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Event Location
Ightenhill, Burnley