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DFAR Team Adventure Race

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Saturday 29th June 2024

Entries Open
Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 10:00
Entries Close
Sunday 23rd June 2024 at 19:00
Sprint Team of Two; Endurance Team of Two
Entries so Far
3 Entries
Entry Fees

Early Bird till 17/5/2024 - if you have your own SI card its 5euro of the total.

Sprint Team of Two (per team)   €80.00   
    €100.00   (from 25/05/2024)
Endurance Team of Two (per team)   €100.00   
    €120.00   (from 25/05/2024)
Race Director - Diarmaid Collins

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The event will have two courses–

Both Courses will have an element of navigation, Mountain Biking, Trail running and Kayaking. Mountain Bike's Only for both Race. Race HQ and Start area will be Kilworth Camp P61 FT89.

1. Sprint Race (5Hrs Max) – Suitable for those new to team adventure races with easy navigation, Limited to 20 teams. Start Time, Registration open's at 11am, race briefing at 11.45am and race starts at 12pm sharp

2. Endurance Race ( 8 Hrs Max) – Suitable for those looking for a bit more of a challenge, Limited to 20 teams.
Start Time, Registration open's at 9am, race briefing at 9.45am and race starts at 10am sharp

Both races will be for teams of 2 - Either all male/female or mixed teams, all racers must be over 18 years of age.

For the Overall ARI national team Series, this race result will count for one of the 5 Races in the overall series & prizes!

Course Details:

Sprint Course – Designed for Beginners

5Hrs Duration

Activities Involved: navigation, Mountain Biking, Trail running and Kayaking

Non-Technical Course / Easy to Navigate

Mountain Bikes are compulsory for this race.

Race Map Provided

Support Provided!

Endurance Course – Designed to Challenge

8Hrs Duration

Activities Involved: navigation, Mountain Biking, Trail running and Kayaking

Semi -Technical Course / With Moderate Navigation Challenge

Mountain Bike compulsory for this race..

Race Map Provided

To enter this event you need to have current membership to ARI.  If you are not a member already you can join here 


Facilities: There will be food available free after the race, in an effort to avoid waste we would encourage people to bring their own keep-cup or travel cup, 

Water: there will be water available at the start/finish, so please bring your own water bottles or use your bike bottle? 

View the Event Disclaimer / Terms and Conditions.

View the Event Cancellation / Refund Policy.

This event offers the option to purchase XCover, so that participants may be able to get a refund if they are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Event Location
Defence Forces Barracks, Kilworth Camp, Kilworth, Co Cork, P61 FT89