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Netherhall AC

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Friday 1st March 2024 to Friday 28th February 2025

Renewal Period
Thursday 1st February 2024 to Friday 31st January 2025
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74 Applicants
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Membership Fee   £30.00   
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Netherhall Athletics club was first established in March 2018 and is based in the coastal town of Maryport. We are a friendly running club and always happy to welcome new members. Our club activities include racing, training and running socially over the fells, trails and on the roads around west Cumbria. Our membership is very diverse and comprises of young, old, fast, slow, competitive and non-competitive runners. We have members who enjoy racing on a regular basis and others who prefer to only ever run socially. We always encourage and maintain a real mix of runners, so you will always be sure to find a training group that is right for you! There is however one common bond amongst our members, regardless of their individual background, ability or aim, which is that we all enjoy running, socialising and keeping fit in the beautiful countryside that is right on our doorstep. Our club only accepts membership applications from adults, (i.e.minimum age 18).

Member benefits

  • Twice weekly training sessions led by qualified and experienced coaches.
  • Join a club that engenders team spirit and camaraderie amongst its members.
  • Regular social runs and events.
  • Affiliation with England Athletics and Northern Athletics, giving you discounted entry to races.
  • Opportunity to participate in Club Championships
  • Access to training and session plans.
  • Help with planning routes and access to route maps.
  • Added to the club’s private Facebook and WhatsApp group 

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