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13Valleys Leki Poles Course

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Sunday 7th July 2024

Bookings Open
Tuesday 30th January 2024
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Saturday 6th July 2024
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Booking Fee   £50.00   
Course Organiser - Nicola

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A bespoke Course for 13V Recce Attendees and Race Participants for the - 13 Valleys, 7 Valleys, 5 Valleys & 2 Valleys events in September 2024.

Hiking Highs would like to thank The Great Run Company (event organisers), for the opportunity to work alongside them in delivering the Leki Poles Courses.

Master the art of using your poles efficiently in The Lake District fells.
Get the poles bug, and learn to love your new skill and those hills!

This workshop is ideal if you are entering ultra distance events and wishing to increase your efficiency whilst hiking or running, uphill or downhill, or over technical ground.

Equipment: Leki demo poles will be provided to use and try before you buy with 10% off the retail price (no obligation to buy).

Time: 10am-2pm

Workshop Plan:
2 Hours basic techniques - begin with fundamentals of efficient use of poles, and how this changes the way your body moves once it becomes a quadruped (2 legs / 2 poles!).  
2 Hour hike/jog will follow moving onto hill techniques for both uphill and downhill and over technical ground with ease.
We will have fun with our poles, even learning to skip for strength and fitness too.
We do not cover more than 10km on our course, as this is about ‘learning a skill’ not the distance… 

You need to learn to walk before you can run - literally!

Our coach will teach you how to:

  • Increase uphill speed by ⅓ with correct posture and pole plant
  • Use 90% of your muscles, by using upper body equally as hard as lower body
  • Strengthen lower back and core muscles - use these correctly and the rest of the body will just work alongside them with your poles
  • Lift pelvic floor, essential for everyone, this is where the power for our shoulder/arm strength originates in the body
  • Alleviate pressure on knees/hips/ankles on the descents
  • Additional balance techniques/protection for speedy descents
  • Manage your poles over technical and rough ground, to give confidence, allowing constant speeds where otherwise one may be hesitate
  • Have excellent ‘pole etiquette’ around other walkers and runners, no one likes poles flying everywhere at gates/stiles or when not being used
  • Understand when to use your poles, which will be different for everyone, depending on your goals
    AND most of all have fun in the fells with 4 legs!

Please note that this session is all about technique and not about the hike or run, you can head off to practice after your course.  The course will entail a 10km-15km hike/jog, dependent on participants and weather on the day.

This course will be delivered by our Leki Poles Coach - Sean Bolland


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Course Location
Glenridding, Ullswater