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Sunday 25th February 2024

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Monday 22nd January 2024
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Monday 19th February 2024
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Weekend Co-ordinator - Tim O'Donoghue

Georgetown is the venue for the second part of the orienteering weekend in Dumfries.  This is a classic residential estate on the outskirts of Dumfries and not far from the Crichton estate which will have been used on the previous evening.  The main traffic is confined to just a few roads and the residential roads have small paths connecting between them as the wind around the contours of a hillside.

Junior courses will embrace the challenges of urban orienteering while staying well away from the busier roads. 

The normal 7 SOUL courses are on offer along with open courses 1 - 7.  Distances are optimum route.    

  1. MO                            10 k    21 controls
  2. MV  WO                    7.7 k   14 controls
  3. MSV  WV                  5.3 k    12 controls
  4. MUV  WSV               4.6 k     13 controls
  5. MHV   WUV  WHV  3.7 k     12 controls
  6. MJ  WJ                       4.4 k     9 controls
  7. MYJ   WYJ                     2 k    10 controls

Start times will be 10:30 - 12:30.

Pairs/groups of more than 1 person are welcome to participate in the event but their results will not count within the SOUL competition.  Please start your name in the entry with the word Pair and provide the names of the group within a single entry.



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