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SOLWAY - Scottish Night Championships

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Saturday 24th February 2024

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Monday 22nd January 2024
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Sunday 18th February 2024
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Weekend Co-ordinator

The two events are: 24th February   Scottish Night Championships using the parks of Dumfries, and 

                                        25th February   Scottish Orienteering Urban League 2 

This form is for entry to the Night Championships.

Longer courses will use up to 3 of the parkland areas of Dumfries with the finish being in the beautiful setting of the Crichton grounds.  The majority of the longer courses will be in parkland and will also include an urban element.

Shorter courses, including the novice course, will be entirely within the Crichton grounds.  

There will be 2 starts: one in the Crichton and one in a different park.

The areas in use will be new to most orienteers.

Enquiries and download for the Scottish Night Championships and for the SOUL2 the following day will be at the Easterbrook Bistro in the Crichton (Postcode DG1 4TL).  Parking for both days will be close by and the routes to the event starts will be marked from the Easterbrook Hall.

The Bistro serves food and drink (soft drinks, teas, coffees and stronger potions as well): the menu plus details of serving times can be found on their website

There is a Holiday Inn at the Crichton should anyone be looking for accommodation close to the event centre (approx 150m from the Easterbrook Bistro). A 10% discount on their normal overnight tariff is available for the first 10 rooms booked - remember to state that you are coming for the orienteering.

Course/class combinations are those specified by SOA for the Scottish Night Championships along with preliminary course distances (based on Scottish Night Championship rules).

Course 1:  M20,  M Open      12 k       35 controls

Course 2:  W20, W Open,  M Vet (40+)       9.5 k       33 controls

Course 3:  W Vet (40+), M18, M Supervet (M55+)     8  k      26 controls

Course 4:  W18, W Supervet (W55+), M Junior (16-), M Ultravet (M65+)    5 k      < 27 controls

Course 5:  W Junior (16-), W Ultravet (W65+), M Hypervet (M75+), W Hypervet (W75+)    4.4 k  < 27 controls

Course 6: Novice    2.1 k    < 27 controls

The start window will run from 18:30 to 19:45.  Should it be a particularly light evening the first starts may be held back for a few minutes.

Competitors on courses 1 and 2 will need a dibber that can record more than 30 different controls i.e. not Series 5 or Series 8.  Please contact the weekend organiser if your dibber capacity is a problem.

Pairs/groups of more than 1 person are welcome to enter but will not be eligible in the Scottish Night Championships competition.  Please start your name with the word Pair and only enter once for the pair/group.

Normal Scottish orienteering rules apply around eligibility to be a Scottish champion.

M/W 14s wishing to be eligible to be Scottish Night champions should enter Course 4 (M14) or Course 5 (W14).  Given that neither course is at a higher technical standard than competitors would normally tackle in these age classes, it is not necessary to get the Organiser's approval for these runs.

There are embargoes in place for the Crichton grounds and Castledykes park until after the Scottish Night championships, although the embargo for the Crichton does not apply to the immediate vicinity of the Holiday Inn and its adjacent car park should people choose to stay there.  Participation in the weekly Park run is also allowed but competitors should not stray from the designated route.

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Dumfries Parks