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FVO Scottish CompassSport Qualifier

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Sunday 18th February 2024

Entries Open
Wednesday 17th January 2024
Entries Close
Sunday 4th February 2024
1 Brown (Men Open); 2 Short Brown (M20-, M40+); 3 Blue Women (Women Open); 4 Blue Men (M50+); 5 Green Women (W20-, W45+); 6 Green Men (M60+); 7 Veterans Short Green (M70+, W60+); 8A Junior Men Green (M18-); 8B Junior Women Short Green (W18-); 9A Orange Men (M14-); 9B Orange Women (W14-); 10 Super Veterans Short Green (M80+, W70+); Light Green (Non-CompassSport); Yellow (Non-CompassSport); White (Non-CompassSport)
Entries so Far
310 Entries
Entry Fees
Senior BOF Member (per person)   £14.00   
Senior SOA Member (per person)   £15.00   
Junior BOF/SOA Member (per person)   £7.00   
Senior/Junior Non-CompassSport Course (per person)   £5.00   

NB - only open to members of Scottish clubs who have entered the CompassSport Cup/Trophy (FVO, MOR, KFO, STAG, MAROC, INVOC, GRAMP, CLYDE, AYROC, TAY, INT, RR, TINTO, ELO, BASOC, ESOC, ECKO)

(SOA Member fee is higher due to additional levy BOF are now charging on non-BOF Members.)

Paul Hammond

FVO welcome you to Birnam Hill for the qualification round of the 2024 CompassSport Cup & Trophy competition. Last used in 2019 for the Scottish Middles, Birnam Hill provides an excellent physical and navigational challenge on its beautiful wooded slopes. And if you stop to look up, there are superb views over the surrounding Perthshire countryside.

To avoid having huge amounts of climb on the courses, the Start will be up on the hill with the Finish down at the bottom. You should therefore come prepared for a walk of approx 3km with 200m climb to the Start and a flat walk back from Finish and Download afterwards. (There will be an option get dropped off closer to the Start but you'll still need to do the climb!)

We have also added a second start so that we can now offer Yellow and White non-CompassSport courses (as well as the existing Light Green).

Entries are open to all Scottish clubs pre-registered with the CompassSport Coordinator (FVO,  MOR, KFO, STAG, MAROC, INVOC, GRAMP, CLYDE, AYROC, TAY, INT, RR, TINTO, ELO, BASOC, and ESOC). Please select the correct course for your age class but be aware that Captains may ask you to change course to ensure best coverage for your club.

Only entries submitted on or before the closing date (4th February) will be eligible for the competition. Based on entries, Club Captains will then receive a spreadsheet of start times to allocate and return before 11th February.

Start times will run from 11am.

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Event Location:
Birnam Hill, Dunkeld