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The SCOTT Naughty Northumbrian

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Friday 23rd to Monday 26th August 2024

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Thursday 23rd November 2023
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Wednesday 3rd July 2024
Entry Fees
Scott Full Naughty   £83.99   
Scott Not Quite so Naughty   £73.99   
Event Organiser

You've probably heard all about the Naughty, and you're right to listen to all the opinions out there.

This event isn't for anyone, but it is for everyone.

You think we're mad saying that right? 

The truth is that this event is hard.

It rates as a Black, 3 bar on the Enduro World Series scale of events.  

But, you know what, there's immense satisfaction to be had in cracking life's challenges.

If you're competent, fit and willing to embrace a challenge with a wry smile, that embodies the very soul of the community culture round these parts, then this event is for you. 

The Scott Naughty Northumbrian is the full Naughty Northumbrian course taking in 6 Stages. Compulsory practice is on Saturday, with timed racing on Sunday. There are six timed stages, spread over a 38km loop, with 2000 metres of elevation. 

The Scott Not Quite so Naughty takes place on both days with compulsory practise on the Saturday of the event but only takes in 4 stage in a compact area.  This means those of you with the skills but not necessarily the fitness can take part in the event.  This is just as technical as the full naughty.

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This event offers the option to purchase XCover, so that participants may be able to get a refund if they are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Event Location
Alwinton, Northumberland