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Monday 1st January to Tuesday 31st December 2024

Renewal Period
Sunday 1st October 2023 to Monday 30th September 2024
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208 Memberships
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Membership Fee   €20.00   
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Membership to Adventure Racing Ireland, entitles you exclusive race and retail discount, online and in person training events and competition with the National Adventure Races series for solo and team events.

Why Should I Join Adventure Racing Ireland?

• To become part of the adventure racing community in Ireland (ROI and NI) and support the development and promotion of the sport

• To receive discounts to races, training events and retail outlet partners

• To meet and get to know other adventure racing enthusiasts in your county/region and around the country and support club development.

• To get access to ARI led training events

• To access the wealth of knowledge of experienced ARI members at online training seminars

• To support the hosting of more adventure races in Ireland.

• To hear about events and things happening in the sport nationally and internationally through ARI website, social media and other communication channels.

• To support the hosting of national and internationally recognised races in Ireland and hopefully provide some support to Irish teams competing internationally.

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