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Town and Country Harriers 2024

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Monday 1st January to Tuesday 31st December 2024

Renewal Period
Friday 1st September 2023 to Saturday 31st August 2024
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Our regular runs are usually based from a pub within a thirty-minute drive of the centre of Bristol but we do make exceptions for particularly good pubs or especially scenic routes. You probably won't finish the run with clean shoes but we are convinced that running off-road is kinder to our joints than pounding pavements. Although we do mix it up with town-based runs where the views or history makes it worthwhile. There is something exhilarating about running off-road under a starlit sky or splashing through the mud whilst being threatened by a thunderstorm. A run across grass lit by the evening sun or through the dappled shade of a woodland path, rain or shine, summer or winter, makes us feel that we truly deserve a pint and a chat in the pub before heading home. 

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As well as running with a fantastic group of like-minded people, membership gives you:

  • Our newsletter, Rough Running News.

  • A chance to compete in the Club Championship and help to organise our Race Series.

  • Cheaper race entry fees as affiliated members of the Association of Running Clubs.

  • 10% discount on purchases from Bristol running shops, Easy Runner, Up & Running, Ellis Brigham and Moti.

  • Buying TACH branded sportswear and merchandise to show your TACH colours with pride in races and pubs.

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