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London City Races - Rotherhithe

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Saturday 16th September 2023

Entries Open
Saturday 24th June 2023
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Saturday 16th September 2023 at 12:30
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971 Participants
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Organiser - Nigel Saker

Update on 12 September 2023

We have now ordered maps. When entering, if your class is showing up as full, please select another class from the same course and enter that class. Please then email me advising the actual class you require to and I will then free up a map in your correct class. We have ordered a good number of surplus maps so hopefully we should be able to cater for all late entries. 

Update on 8 September 2023:

The Final Details have been published and can be downloaded here

Update on 8 August 2023:

We have now added an Accessible Course aimed at those with limited mobility (e.g. wheelchair users, mobility scooter users, walking sticks users). The course is flat with no steps and approximately 2.3km - this course is free for such participants, including the hire of a SIAC. 

1 City = 3 Races = 1 Great Weekend of Orienteering

Join the 14th annual London City Race for a weekend of high quality orienteering across London.

  1. Day 1 - Southwark Park - Friday 15th September - start the weekend with an early evening event in Southwatk Park. The park is a pleasant mixture of ancient and younger trees, flower beds, a lake and a few buildings. There are several fences, most of which are uncrossable, adding technical challenge. It will be based out of Decathlon, 9 Maritime Street, London SE16 7FU which is 800m from the start and the finish. Starts from 17:00 to 18:45 with courses closing promptly at 19:30 - All participants must have left Decathlon by 19:50 - please select a start time block to ensure that you will achieve this. Canada Water Underground station is 150 metres away. Further details can be found here: Southwark Park
  2. Day 2 - Rotherhithe – Saturday 16th September – Take on the big challenge with a full distance urban event which returns to Rotherhithe, an evolving area of former docks, offering an extensive, intricate mix of low-rise urban redevelopment plus parkland and waterfront spaces. There is minimal vehicle traffic due to its location in a bend of the Thames. Start times are from 10:00 to 13:00 for all courses. Based out of Decathlon as for Friday evening. Part of City Race Euro Tour series and the UK Urban Orienteering League. London City Race
  3. Day 3 - British Sprint Relays - Brunel University, Uxbridge - Sunday 17th September – Finish the weekend with the British Sprint Relays - a "runner matching service" will also be provided to encourage individuals to join forces with fellow orienteers - cross border team are highly encouraged to take part too. Further details and entry for this event is here: British Sprint Relay Championships 2023


Classes and Course combinations for the first two days are set out in the tables below. You can run your age group,  run up one or more age classes by selecting that age class or if you would like to run a Course which is shorter than your age class, you can run "down" by selecting the "Other" class on the Course you wish to run down on.

Prizes will be available for Saturday's race but only if you run your age class or run up one or more age classes - they will consist of Decathlon vouchers for the highest placed 3 competitors in each class (highest 5 in Men's and Women's Elite).

Each course may be used for more than one age class and the way age classes are allocated to courses is different for days 1 and 2 - see the tables below.

Results will not be cumulative.

On Saturday's event at Rotherhithe, course 1 (Men Elite and Men Under 21)  and course 2  (Women's Elite and Women's Under 21) have more than 30 controls. If you have a version 5 SI card (numbers 1 - 499,999) or a version 8 SI Card (numbers 2,000,001 - 2,999,999) these will not have sufficient capacity. Please hire a SIAC during the entry process or if already entered please log back in and amend your entry.


Full details for these events, with links to other organising clubs, and in due course, the final details, can be found on our website at

Course / Class combinations for Days 1 and 2:

Day 1 - Southwark Park - Friday evening (starts 17:00 - 18:15)

Course Classes Straight Line Distance*
1 Men's Elite, Men's Open 5.0km
2 Women's Elite, Women's Open, Men's Veteran (M40+), Other course 2 4.5km
3 Women's Veteran (W40+), Men's Super Vets (M55+), Other course 3 4.0km
4 Women's Super Vets (W55+), Men's Ultra Vets (M65+), Other course 4 3.5km
5 Women's Ultra Vets (W65+), Women's Hyper Vets (W75+), Men's Hyper Vets (M75+), Other course 5 2.5km
6 Junior Women (W16-) Junior Men (M16-), Other course 6 2.5km
7 Girls (W12-), Boys (M12 -), Other course 7 2.0km

* The optimal running distance for each course will be around 20% longer - subject to final controlling

Day 2 - London City Race - Rotherhithe

Course Classes Optimal Distance* Number of controls*
1 Men's Elite, Men Under 21 (M20-) 12.5km 35
2 Women's Elite, Women Under 21 (M20-), Other course 2 10.7km 32
3 Men's Veteran (M40+), Other course 3 11.2km 29
4 Women's Veteran (W40+), Other course 4 7.5km 29
5 Men's Super Vets (M55+), Other course 5 8.7km 25
6 Women's Super Vets (W55+), Other course 6 6.7km 28
7 Men's Ultra Vets (M65+), Men Open, Other course 7 7.5km 25
8 Women's Ultra Vets (W65+), Women Open, Other course 8 6.2km 21
9 Men's Hyper Vets (M75+), Other course 9 5.7km 20
10 Women's Hyper Vets (W75+), Other course 10 3.7km 18
11 Junior Men (M16-), Junior Women (W16-), Other Course 11 5.0km 22
12 Boys (M12 -), Girls (W12-), Other course 12 2.5km 12
13 Adventurer (Newcomers) 5.0km 18
AC Accessible Course 2.5km 13

* Subject to final controlling. Number of controls will be populated at a later date.


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