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Dublin 2 Belfast Ultra

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Friday 12th April 2024

Entries Open
Wednesday 17th May 2023
Entries Close
Sunday 7th April 2024
Team & Crew Options
Solo - with Atlas Running crew; Solo - with your own crew
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42 Participants
Entry Fees
Solo - with Atlas Running crew   £95.40   
Solo - with your own crew   £79.50   

Includes booking fee

Race Director - Adrian Daye

Event Details:

  • Date - 12th April 2024
  • Registration - 10am to 11.40am at the Arthurs Bar Dublin, event number, route map and tracker will be handed to you at this point. While waiting at registration please be mindful of the public.
  • Start - 12 noon 
  • Distance - 170.6 km
  • Time limit - 30hrs
  • Age - competitors must be 18 or above

Compulsory kit:  All runners must carry these items at all times.

  • Mobile phone with power bank to charge it
  • Water proof jacket
  • Foil blanket
  • Head torch
  • Emergency food (Mars etc)
  • Hi viz - must be worn at all times.
  • Route map (supplied by atlasrunning)
  • Event numbers - must be worn were they can be seen at all times
  • Trackers - must be attached to your backpack

Trackers: must not be turned off. The SOS button should only be pressed in the case of an emergency.  In the case of retirement trackers must be handed to atlasrunning before the end of the event. If you lose your tracker you will be charged for the replacement £125

Check points: we will be on the course at different stages throughout the event from 13 miles.

Duwer which will be the first cut off , you must be left the checkpoint before the 10pm time limit is up or you will be with drawn from the event.

There will be a checkpoint at Dundalk.
Newry will be the second 2nd cutoff , you must be left this checkpoint before 8am thats 20 hours.
We will have some more small checkpoints before the finish and a safety car checking on runners.


Cut offs: Runners must have left the checkpoint before the cut off time is up.
Dunleer 10hrs 10pm
Newry 20hrs 8am

Finish:  30 hours - Europa Hotel, Belfast

If any runner stops for more than 40 mins  they will be classed as stopped and will be withdrawn from the event. Thre will be no exceptions.

Dropbags: you will be able to get to your drop bag at the 2 main checkpoints and at the finish.  Bags must be marked with your name & race number. Please do not keep valuables in drop bags

Medic: there will be medics for the duration of the event.  In the case of an emergency press the SOS button on the tracker and phone the race staff.  Someone from race HQ will come and find you.

Atlas Crewing: We will have food and hot and cold water at most of our checkpoints.

Crews: we welcome supporters and race crews.

  • If your crew is in a vehicle the competitor can only get in the vehicle for warmth rest and nourishment.  But if the vehicle moves you will be disqualified.
  • If a crew member gets out of a vehicle they must wear a hi viz top. 
  • All crews must have the race organisers and medics phone numbers
  • All crews must give a mobile number to the race HQ in case we need to get in contact with you.
  • All cars must have a green card you can get this through your car insurance, you will need this. Dont forget your passport as you are going into Europe.

Buddies/Pacers: Are Not Allowed , if you want someone to run with stay with someone in the event.

Drink and drugs:  Are not allowed under any circumstances. This is a race. You will be disqualified. Drinking while running or taking drugs is dangerous to you and other road users, please don't do it.

Night-time: it is the competitors and there crews own responsible to stay visible at night time hi viz / head torch etc must be used.

Race numbers: must be worn on front at all times as you will be marked off as you pass each check Point.

Retiring: all competitors must notify race HQ immediately on retiring or if you drop behind a schedule in line with a cut off time. Which will mean automatic retirement.  In the case of retirement try and get to a checkpoint where we can try and give you lift to the nearest station or the finish. And hand your tracker in before you leave.

Being pulled from the event,  The organisers and the medics have the right to pull you from the event if we believe that your not fit to continue or if you are too far behind and not going to make the cut off. This can not be contested. 

Money: carry enough money in case of an emergency or retirement.  Sterling and Euros

Route: all competitors must carry a map or Gpx of the route. This can be downloaded from atlasrunning Facebook page.we also would suggest you download the tracker link , this is the easiest way to find out where you are on the course. 

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