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British Fell And Hill Relay Champs

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Saturday 15th October 2022

Entries Open
Monday 1st August 2022 at 09:00
Entries Close
Saturday 1st October 2022 at 17:00
Open Men; Open Women; Vet 40 Men; Vet 40 Women; Vet 50 Men; Vet 50 Women; Vet 60 Open; Mixed
Pre-Selection List Entries
83 Entries
Entry Fees
Entry Fee (per team)   £170.00   
Race Organiser - Iain Whiteside

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To get a pre-selection list entry just enter as normal. No payment is required at this stage as there is no guarantee of being offered a place. If the Event Organiser is able to offer you a place they will send you an email inviting you to enter. You will then be asked to come back to this site and make your payment to confirm your entry. For more details please see our Pre-Selection List Help.

This year's British Athletics Fell & Hill Running Championships is being hosted by Carnethy HRC. The event will take place at Broughton Heights in the Scottish Borders

 Please visit our website and read the guidance we have posted there; you will be asked to confirm you have read it during the entry process.

All four legs will be run over grass and rough fells. Legs 1 (solo) and 4 (solo) will be fully flagged are suitable for  16 and over. Leg 2 (pairs) will be partially flagged. Leg 3 (pairs), by popular demand, is once again the navigation leg, which will only be flagged onto and off of the fells from the arena. Full details on all legs will be on the route page on the website. 


The Championship categories for which British Athletics medals are awarded will be given are as follows:

Open men, Open women, Vet 40 men and Vet 40 women.

In addition to these four categories we will also be taking entries and awarding prizes for four other categories:

Vet 50 men / Vet 50 women / Vet 60 Open / Mixed

To enter a team, a club must be affiliated for fell running with the appropriate UK Athletics body, e.g. England Athletics for England and equivalent organisations for other home countries.  Each team member must be a First Claim member on the fells of the club they are running for and must not have competed for another club on the fells during this year.

Please note V50 runners can run for a V40 team but obviously not the other way round!  An 'Open' team can consist of any runners of any age subject to being Over 18 on Legs 2 and 3 and Over 16 (i.e. 16 on the day) on Legs 1 and 4, but all runners must be of the appropriate sex (e.g. women cannot run in a mens class and v.v.).

If a club with no record at these championships in the last three years wishes to enter a team, the application must provide details of relevant event experience in mountain/fell navigation events of the two runners expected to run the navigation leg (Leg 3) and the two runners expected to be on Leg 2.  If they have competed before, the latest competition year will need to be provided.

Teams in the V60 Open can be male, female or comprise any combination of men and women.

Competitors in a Mixed team must comprise three men and three women, drawn from any combination of age categories. They must all be members of the same club and they must meet the first claim requirement.

For categories to be competitive and for prizes to be awarded there must be a mimium of 4 teams.

Please see our entry process page for details about entry acceptance.


£170 per Team. We apologise for the price leap (from £140 last year), but the expected smaller entries due to the event being in Scotland (often around 2/3 the numbers of teams with many fixed costs), and the rising costs for suppliers has forced us.

If the entry limit is not reached, the closing date will be extended.

Costs are per team of six including maps and post-event meals for all team members.

Further details to follow.

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