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Mojo Racing - Youth Duo Series 2019

Mojo Racing - Youth Duo Series 2019

We want to welcome people who are new to racing, but also offer a great collection of tracks for the seasoned competitive riders. Our overall aim will be to support the youth categories allowing them to grow as riders, compare times and develop skills through the season. Above all the emphasis will be on fun and enjoyment for everyone involved. 

The Format

A Mountain Bike Enduro format. With an exciting new twist. A team event consisting of two riders, a youth and an adult [parent/guardian]. With both competitors riding together. 

An off-road event consisting of a mountain bike loop, within this loop, will be a three or four timed stage, dependant on category.

6-7 years old and 8-9 years old competitors will complete three stages.

10-12, 13-15 and the16-18 year old competitors will complete four stages.

Each stage will be ridden as a pair, timed as the first rider crosses the start line and the last rider of the pair crosses the finish. The total time of these stages will be added together, the team with the quickest time will be rewarded with a win in each category.

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Mojo Racing - Youth Duo Series Round 1 - Bike Park Wales - Sun 28 Apr 19 (Entries Closed)
Mojo Racing - Youth Duo Series Round 2 - Monmouth - Sun 9 Jun 19