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Mountain Running skills

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Sunday 29th July 2018

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Friday 15th December 2017
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Thursday 26th July 2018
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Entry Fee   £60.00   
Event Organiser - Ian Stewart

1 day training event in Mountain running skills.

Leaving the security of the lowlands and taking to the higher mountains and summits is hugely rewarding. Transforming our run from a bit of fun exercise to a full days activity. We can travel through the mountain environment surprisingly quickly; travelling light and covering terrain in a differently. With this great freedom to roam comes greater risks and challenges that we need to manage, and an awareness of a the extra skills needed to head into the high wilderness is vital to safe enjoyable mountain running. The main emphasis of this course will be to develop navigation skills away from defined paths and trails so that we can confidently head across open ground. This will include information gathering, from contour lines and features, and relating them to the map to find our position. We will also look at compass skills so that we can keep on track even in poor visibility and darkness. The mountain terrain will also challenge our running technique. We will look at tips for uphill running and walking as well as refine our downhill techniques to find grip on loose surfaces, give us control on fast descents and fly over rocky terrain safely.An important part of running in the mountains is being equipped in the event of an injury or emergency. We will look at essential equipment and emergency procedures. For full course details check at 

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Group Discount - Discount of £10 per person available for groups of 4 or more - Email before booking to arrange a discount code.

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