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NNAS Silver National Navigation Award

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Thursday 10th to Friday 11th March 2022

Bookings Open
Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Sunday 6th March 2022
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Booking Fee   £130.00   
Rebecca North

What the course is about:

Silver National Navigation Award is a nationally recognised qualification delivered by Peak Confidence on behalf of NNAS

The Silver National Navigation Award develops the navigation skills acquired at the Bronze level. It adds skills required to navigate to features and places some distance from paths and tracks. It teaches accurate compass work. It will also teach you to select the suitable navigational techniques to cross open country.

Silver National Navigation Award courses are taught in areas with access to open country and involve periods where you’ll be navigating away from paths and tracks.

The NNAS Silver Navigator Award is accredited by the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 5 and 2 SCQF credit points are awarded on completion.

What you will cover:

  • Utilise the skills and techniques of the Bronze Award in the context of Silver Award navigation strategies.
  • Relate small hills, small valleys, prominent re-entrants and prominent spurs to their corresponding map contours. Use prominent hills, ridges, spurs and valleys as a means of navigation in good visibility.
  • Use landforms and point features to orientate the map and as collecting and catching features.
  • Use a compass to: Accurately follow a bearing; aim off; check the direction of handrails and other linear features.
  • Deviate briefly from a compass bearing to avoid obstacles or difficult terrain and accurately regain the original line.
  • Use back bearings to check route following accuracy.
  • Measure distance on the ground in varied, open terrain using timing and pacing and make practical allowances for any discrepancies.
  • Simplify legs using coarse navigation, attack points and fine navigation.
  • Recognise dangerous or difficult terrain on map and ground.
  • Plan and implement navigational strategies based on the above skills.
  • Maintain route finding accuracy in poor visibility or darkness.
  • Recognise a navigation error within a few minutes and apply appropriate relocation techniques.
  • Understand how personal fitness and nature of terrain affect route choice both at the planning stage and on the ground.
  • Understand the potential consequences of fatigue and physical discomfort in demanding terrain and/or extreme weather conditions.
  • Select appropriate clothing, equipment and first aid items for walking in open country in all weather conditions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Countryside Code, current access legislation and the environmental impact of walkers on the countryside.
  • Understand the responsibilities of walkers towards other countryside interests such as farming, forestry and conservation.
  • Understand how outdoor activities impact on the environment and how that impact can be minimised and sustainable use promoted.

Course programme:

Two days navigation training both in the classroom and out on the hills.

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes – we will spend a lot of time moving slowly so more layers than you would expect
  • Sturdy walking boots with good grip
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers, with taped seams.
  • Lunch, snacks and a hot drink.
  • A compass – Silva type 4 with a good size base plate is ideal.
  • Ordnance Survey map of the area – OL4 1:25,000.

About Peak Confidence:

Peak Confidence is born out of a vision that the mountains needn’t solely be the playground of bearded men and grizzled mountain guides. Our aim is for people of all backgrounds and experience levels to be able to learn new skills and to enjoy the hills with newfound confidence in their abilities. We run courses in the beautiful Lake District with our supportive guides on hand to show you all the best hidden spots.  

Some of our weekends are exclusively for women, others are mixed, and all are a comfortable environment to ask questions and learn from each other. There are a range of different events on offer, from navigation and walking, to rock climbing and beginners fell running.

About your instructor:

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I spent most of my adult life based in London spending many a weekend travelling up to the national parks for climbing and running. Two years ago I started living in the Lake District so that I could spend more time doing what I love. 

I have worked for many years with adults and young people who have mental health problems, and alcohol and substance use issues. I believe the best way to improve people’s lives is to empower them to take responsibility for their own recovery and I am passionate about supporting people through this and giving them the tools to do it successfully. I have put this into action through working and volunteering for organisations such as St Mungo’s, local church organisations and the NHS, and I am also an expedition leader for British Exploring Society expeditions. 

I have completed several ultramarathons and enjoy fell running as a way to explore the hills. When the weather allows, I also enjoy climbing and I am particularly excited by big, mountaineering multi-pitch climbs which allow me to explore remoter parts of the mountains. I hold Summer Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor and Outdoor First Aid qualifications

My leadership style has been described as ‘calm, well informed, quietly clear and powerful while easy going’. My aim is the bring out the best in students and allowing them to work things out for themselves while also realising how much potential they have.

Accommodation - We recommend:

  • Borrowdale YHA
  • Chapel House Farm Campsite
  • Stonethwaite National Trust Campsite
  • Local cottages

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