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Paddy Buckley Seminar

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Wednesday 28th April 2021

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Friday 19th March 2021
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Tuesday 27th April 2021
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Course Organiser - Charles Sproson

Paddy Buckley Seminar | With Damian Hall | Delivered Online through Zoom | All about the Paddy Buckley Round | 2h Seminar | Wednesday 28th April at 18:30

Let Damian and Charlie share their vast experience and knowledge with you about the Paddy Buckley Round.

Damian and Charlie have completed all of the 3 major UK rounds, these being the BGR, the RR and the PBR. Both have a vast amount of experience mountain running and between the 2 have an impressive resume of mountain and race achievements.

Together the pair will take you through the ups and downs, literally, of the Paddy Buckley Round, common mistakes or at least mistakes they made on their on-sight completion in 2019, before Damian went on to smash it and take the record on his epic solo round. 

Damian has supported many friends and friends of friends on the PBR, with Charlie only making this one on-sight attempt, but will plenty of knowledge of the Welsh mountains from time spent working on them. 


What to expect: 

  • A professionally designed and delivered online seminar
  • Delivered clearly and concisely with time to take notes
  • Slides and screens to be able to follow
  • A wealth of knowledge and information
  • Ways and methods of how to complete a successful round
  • A short Q&A at the end of the seminar

Who is it for? 

Any aspiring Paddy Buckley runner. Whether you are dreaming of a round in the future, getting yourself ready for an attempt in 2021/22, have had an unsuccessful attempt or just want to know more about the round.

On the seminar, Charlie and Damian will impart first hand information and anecdotal stories to help you understand the fitness, training and mental agility and tenacity needed to complete a round successfully.

If you are looking to make your attempt as successful as possible, then a 2 hour session with this dynamic pair will go along long way!

Course Program: 

1.  Intro - 10 mins

2.  The Route: 45 mins

    • Leg by Leg
    • terrain
    • road crossings
    • Changes to the route
    • problem areas

4.  Navigation - 15 mins 

    • Challenges
    • Conditions
    • Skill Level
    • Routes and trails

5.  Pacers - 10 mins

    • How many
    • Why
    • How to choose a good pacer

6.  How to train for a Paddy Buckley - 30 mins 

    • Distance/Ascent
    • Terrain
    • Running & Hill Walking
    • Weather
    • Tech Ground
    • In Wales?
    • Doing it in your area
    • Literature

7.  Pitfalls - 10 mins

8.  Q&A - 10 to 20 mins

What's included? 

  • 2+ hours of Paddy Buckley discussions delivered through Zoom
  • 1 expert Running Guide 
  • 2 Paddy Buckely completer's
  • 1 ex-PBR record holder
  • Relevant Map's on screen
  • Huge amounts of information and experience
  • Plenty of anecdotal stories from actual rounds.

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